Who says that road travel is pleasurable? Well, it's not going to be unless you plan it. If you are completely unprepared for it, you're going to spend hours or even days spending more money than you can imagine. You may even endanger your life, and you will never have fun with the experience. In fact, you want to erase it from your memory.

There's a good solution, though. The next you journey through highways, thoroughfares, avenues, and streets, take note of these travel road tips:

1. Have your car checked before you head out on the road. There are a gazillion reasons for doing this, but you can start with these three. For one, you don't want to get stranded in the middle of the road, with help several miles away from you. Second, you don't want to have busted tires and weak brakes, which may cause your accident. Third, car repair will definitely be out of your budget when you are already on your travel road mood, so a defect in your coolant is unwelcome. You may have to do the checking at least two weeks before your scheduled travel. This way, if there are much-needed repairs, you can still give the car mechanic enough time to fix them and you can remain safely at home.

2. Have an itinerary. You can say that you're the adventurous type. Otherwise, you should not have taken to the open road, right? So you don't have any itinerary in mind? You don't have to get to know the place in greater detail, if you wish to surprise yourself with what you're going to find. However, you have to know the essentials, such as how far it is from the road. Does it have hospitals, decent accommodation, and eatery? Never go to any place where it's going to be difficult for you to ask for help later on.

3. Go for an RV to save. This travel road tip is highly ideal if you're traveling at very long distances, and you don't want to make a stop. This is also perfect if you're leaving with a group of people such as your family. Rather than booking in a hotel which will cost you hundreds of dollars every day and spending more money on take-outs, you can do everything you want to do inside the RV. What's more, you're travel road will become more convenient and comfortable for you. You simply need to look for a rental company that can give you a good deal for an RV.

4. Travel with a group. Yes, it's one of the best travel road tips. You can divide the total cost of your travel among yourselves. You can even stay in a posh hotel since the costs will be a lot less. You can also save on gasoline, since you can stick with a carpool and just contribute little for gas. It's also going to be real fun by simply sharing the experience with friends.

5. Don't overload your car. Have you ever seen a vehicle with unlimited load capacity? Most definitely, you haven't, since there's none yet. So don't expect your car to carry a truckload of your things. A good travel road tip is to bring only what's necessary, so you don't have to stress yourself in keeping watch at them. Most of all, load the car evenly. If they are heavy, they should be placed a little forward in the trunk. If there are a lot of them, you may have to distribute their weight on both sides. There should also be enough legroom for you and for your passengers, if you have any.

6. Bring food. If you are in a time constraint, and you don't want to make any stops, make sure that you can bring along food. This way, when you get hungry while you're on the travel road, you can simply grab for some. You don't even have to spend more dollars in diners. Here's one important travel road advice for you, though: keep the food in tight containers. Liquids should be in spilled-proof mugs. This is to prevent creating a lot of mess in the car, particularly if it's just rented out.

7. Don't allow anything to distract you when you're driving. If you're the driver, then you know that there's such a huge responsibility in your hand. If you allow yourself to be distracted, you may endanger not just your life but also for your passengers. Thus, when on the road, don't answer the phone. You can just activate your voice message, so you can listen to them when you have the time. You can turn on the music, but avoid watching any television.

8. Take the bus. If you don't like to spend a lot of on your travel road expenses, why don't you take the bus instead? Of course, it may take a while before you can reach to your destination, but you are definitely keeping a lot of money in your pocket. You can use it to snatch better accommodation or to allow yourself to stay longer and explore the place more. Get bus schedules before you go, so you know which bus to take and how long you have to wait each time.

9. Stretch. This travel road tip is not only meant for the health buffs, but for everyone who's traveling. Just imagine yourself inside the car for hours. Your leg will definitely feel restless, and you would definitely feel tired just sitting there. Your muscles will feel so weak. Let's not forget traveling without stretching can be very boring. When you're feeling the stress from being on the road for such a long time, try to pause and stretch. You don't have to spend hours doing it. Few minutes will do. This will also give you a good time to assess your travel. How long will it take you to get there? How much money do you have? Where should you go next?

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